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High Class Escort Berlin & International

Do you mind?

I am Mila.

A vibrant and explosive mix of charm, frivolity and an acerbic tongue.

Mostly adorned with a dazzling smile, my positive nature can best be described as pure joie de vivre, concentrated in my small but curvaceous body.

I am a fundamentally open and extroverted character who is said to have a strong feminine charisma. You will find me a good listener and an amusing entertainer.

It would be superfluous at this point to talk about obvious qualities such as self-confidence, stylistic confidence and a minimum of intellect – assuming discretion, of course. Instead, let me tell you what really drives me…

The sinful world of the

Curvy Courtesan

Hedonism opens the doors of our golden cages

In my world there is no shame, no judgement, no prohibition of thought. I love everything that makes up the human spirit – be it the highest ambitions or the darkest thoughts.

After all, part of my fascination with being a courtesan comes from risking a curious look behind supposedly meaningful boundaries.

But it’s not just provocation and adventure that draws me to the thrill of the unknown. It is the ambivalence between my everyday life as an entrepreneur and my secret escapades.

Nothing excites me more than playing with expectations. Or would you have guessed that the dapper businesswoman was wearing a silk garter belt under her skirt during her pitch? The gap between the assumptions of my deluded surroundings and my true desires is what makes me hold my breath.

My innermost being yearns for stimulation and passion. To feel the cold glass of the Hyatt Hotel against my breasts and to risk a deep look into your eyes as your hands wander curiously, as if with a purpose, down my body.

Still curious?

More about me

I’m originally from Hessen (a region in Germany), but I was drawn to the capital a few years ago. Since then, I’ve had an ambivalent love affair with Berlin, which mainly manifests itself in frequent travel – and the subsequent sigh of relief when I’m finally back.

In fact, I spend most of my time outside the sheets. Away from my escort quarters I am known as either a virtuoso pixel pusher or a she-does-something-with-a-computer. For some time now, I’ve also been charming some ears as a part-time singer.

But nothing has ever taken my heart by storm like my devotion to the frivolous world. No pat on the back and no project settlement can compare to slipping out of the self-made corset of life for a moment and, like Alice, discovering a wonderland far removed from convention. It beckons with the most forbidden of fruits, but above all with the fact that the forbidden is suddenly not so forbidden any more.

My constant search for new challenges and thrills doesn’t stop at home either. The one constant is the desire for no two days to be the same. That’s why my favourite activities could hardly be more complementary. Berlin’s ambivalence plays right into my hands.

On sunny days, I love strolling past shop windows and through illustrious markets. Afterwards, I’m often drawn to museums or other cultural centres. I love the cute street cafés and cosy pubs.

In summer, I love to play tennis or do water sports. This can lead to picnics in the countryside or cosy evenings around a campfire. And when I’ve had enough of the hustle and bustle, I’m usually drawn to nature or a distant country. A good book and some fresh air can help me come down from the previous high.

But if I linger too long in this cosy world, I’m drawn to the dazzling but darker side of the city. Whether it’s a glass of champagne at Provocateur or a wickedly kinky party at Kitkat, some escapades never get old.

I consider myself to have a fairly good command of my mother tongue (German). As I lived abroad for while I also speak fluent English (and just enough French to order a baguette).

I love humour, often served in a sarcastic or deep black way. It allows you not only to endure the bizarreness of this world, but to enjoy it. And I like people who can discuss things without emotion and indulge in thought experiments.

My favourite topics are of a humanistic, visionary or frivolous nature. But most of all, I love exploring every nook and cranny of existence here, (really) free from judgement or thought prohibition. Preferably in company, don’t you think?

A feminine and well-groomed appearance is very important to me. That’s why I like to present myself to you in elegant clothes and with freshly manicured hands. I have swapped the clear polish in some of my pictures for a French manicure or coloured polish.

I take great care of my own hygiene. And despite all the glitz and glamour, I like my natural look best: little make-up, a subtle fragrance and a style of dress that is somewhere between classic elegance and subtle wickedness. Unless otherwise requested, I will appear in feminine clothing paired with heels, including nylons and a sensual piece of lingerie.

There are no tattoos or piercings on my body. (Pierced ears don’t count, do they? 😉). I’ve also never dared to see a plastic surgeon, so you can be sure that every one of my curves is organic. 😋

If you were hoping for erotic preferences, I would like to refer you to my dating subpage with the tab slide “sensual”. There are also some inspirations for our rendezvous in Berlin.

In the following, only my non-erotic preferences are discussed, which refer to joint activities.


I am quite uncomplicated when it comes to food. The only prefer meat that doesn’t come from an animal farm. 

  • Young German cuisine
  • Creative gourmet cuisine
  • French cuisine
  • Italian cuisine
  • Exotic (Peruvian, Ethiopian, …)
  • Japanese & Sushi
  • Surf n’Turf (steak & seafood)


I rarely consume alcohol & in moderation – preferably in the evening and only in company. 

  • Water & fresh juice
  • Champagne – Dom Perignon Rosé
  • White wine – Sauvignon Blanc, Moscato
  • Bourbon – Kirk & Sweenie
  • Vodka cocktails – Moscow Mule
  • Sour Cocktails – Amaretto Sour
  • Daiquiri & Summer Cocktails


  • Variety theatre (no animals / cages)
  • Museums & Galleries
  • Theatre, musicals & opera
  • Cabaret & Burlesque
  • Art exhibitions (expressionism)
  • Readings
  • Medieval markets