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Escort Berlin Dating & City Guide



Hotel Zoo

hotelzoo.de030 884 37 730

Elegant hotel with by far the best rooftop bar in the city. Modern, stylish, clientele could be described as “posh”.


Garden Living Boutique Hotel

gardenliving.de030 28 44 55 900

The most beautiful place on earth in summer. A mixture of French charm from past centuries, lots of greenery around us and a pinch of romance.


Henri Hotel Berlin

henri-hotels.com030 72 61 84 769

1920s vibe meets modern comfort. The rooms and the breakfast room are truly to fall in love with (beautiful)!

Sir Savigny

sirhotels.com030 21 78 26 38

The place to be in the literary quarter. A real Stilwerk hotel with Parisian chic, book arches and velvet sheets. Love it!


The Mandala Suites

themandalasuites.de030 20 29 20

The hotel that makes you feel like you’re in a Raffaello advert. Bright, modern, elegant, without being the least bit ostentatious.


Steigenberger Hotel am Kanzleramt

hrewards.de030 74 07 430

One of the most luxurious hotels in the city: straightforward design, bright light and one of the most beautiful SPAs in Berlin. Ideal for gentlemen with high standards.

Hotel de Rome

lartisien.com030 460 60 90

Southern European chic is exuded from every little crack in the hotel. And the charming 1920s touch makes women’s hearts beat faster (especially mine).



telegraphenamt.com030 994 05 90

Ok, I admit it! I love the 20s. This hotel is also surrounded by the style of past decades. But in contrast to the Hotel de Rome, it is more reminiscent of a noble mansion.


The Ritz-Carlton

ritzcarlton.com030 33 77 77

In this fairytale place, men become princes and girls become princesses. And did I mention the breakfast fit for a king? It’s also delivered to your bed… 😋


provocateur-hotel.com030 22 05 60 644

Berlin’s answer to the Roomers Hotel (Gekko Group): These halls have leased the erotic charm of the city. The red velvet-covered loveseat beds, the mystical lighting and the erotic light shows on the wall only allow thoughts to arise that are not of a lustful nature.


Liebeshöhle Berlin

An erotic play paradise just for us alone! There’s even a private hot tub, a private sauna and, of course, lots of corners to explore together. 🥰


Houseboat DeLuxe 

It’s just us and the view over the Isar. Cosily cruising across the water while we lose ourselves in each other? It doesn’t have to be a dream. Even the jacuzzi on the boat is real – we promise! 😌

Wine & Dine


fredericksberlin.com030 311 967 36

Deliberately posh, but well done. I can highly recommend the game and the cocktails at Frederick’s.


Le Petit Royal

lepetitroyal.de030 3300 60 750

By far the best steak restaurant in the city. Melt in your mouth!


Nobelhart & Schmutzig

Food like fresh from the pasture. That’s what makes Nobelhart & Schmutzig so special. Here you don’t just dine in the top league in terms of flavour, you also know where it comes from.



Do you love seafood as much as I do? Then we should definitely go to Lila. There really is nothing better – believe me! 😉


Nocti Vagus

Fancy something out of the ordinary? Rediscover your senses at Nocti Vagus. Here you can feel your food (and probably a few other things) with your tongue in complete darkness.

The Alchemist 

The bar is a kind of futuristic living room and the sci-fi theme has been carried through to the last detail.


Bellboy Berlin

bellboybar.com030 200 770 70 

The Bellboy Group’s first concept bar outside of Israel. In addition to sophisticated cocktails, the bar also offers a wide range of food. If you visit Bellboy, you don’t have to go anywhere else that evening (apart from the hotel, of course 😉).


Provocateur Bar

provocateur-hotel.com0151 646 25 945 

The bar’s motto: sensuality. See and be seen. And lots of fun with pleasure. Enjoy exceptional cocktail creations on a velvety red background.


Becketts Kopf

becketts-kopf.de030 440 35 880 • Mo-Sa ab 19 Uhr

The “bar for refining the senses”. With mystical charm, distinctive cocktails have been served here in creative surroundings for 15 years now.


Berlin Icebar


Every bar stool, every glass and every little detail in this bar is made of the purest ice. That’s why it’s freezing cold inside and we are given winter jackets at the entrance. Fancy a particularly cold drink?

Brunch/Lunch in KaDeWe

Did anybody say champagne breakfast?

No reservation needed.


The Breakfast in THE REEDS

quandoo.de0322 110 774 38 • Mon-Fri 08AM-2PM, Sat+Sun 10aAM to 4PM

Classic American breakfast in an extraordinary ambience between Berlin street style and futuristic mosaic structure. Located in the centre of Berlin.


The Dawn

the-dawn.de030 340 629 67 • Mon-Thu 9AM-5PM, Thu-Sun 9AM-7PM

A little hidden away with a beautiful view of Berlin Zoo, you can enjoy the tastiest late breakfast in town at The Dawn.


Berliner Kaffeerösterei Uhlandstraße • Mon-Sat 9AM-8PM, Sun 10AM-9PM

We want it classic? We want it chic? Then we should go to the Kaffeerösterei. French cuisine in a sophisticated atmosphere.


Café Wintergarten • Mon-Sat 11AM-6PM, Son 11AM-4PM

No one has ever had a more stylish breakfast than at Café Wintergarten. Here we are served the most delicious delicacies in a 1920s chic mirrored parlour. Typical Charlottenburg. Irresistible! 🥐


The dinner show at the Spiegelpalast: burlesque, unusual and a little spooky. Have I made you curious? ☺️



Oriental dinner show, called the tent of the senses: An exotic show with creative cuisine. A must-see, must-taste and must-experience 😉


Bar Jeder Vernunft 

Colourful, diverse, obscene, but a smooch. Here you can enjoy the best entertainment and delicious Italian cuisine.


Criminal Dinner of Paternoster

Cult crime dinner by the Paternoster improv theatre called “The Mafia invites you to a corpse feast”. Could be fun, don’t you think?




Checkpoint Charlie

WebsiteFriedrichstraße 43-45

One of the Berlin border crossings between 1961 and 1990.


Monitoring Station Teufelsberg 


Visit the US Army listening station from the Cold War era


Guided tour of the government district


with a visit to the Reichstag dome


75-minute Trabi safari through the capital


Honestly – I’ve always wanted to do it.

German Museum of Technology

Here you can experience the future and the past at the same time. For nerds like me, the Museum of Technology is a real neckar. Fancy joining me here?


Museum Island

On Museum Island, you will find the city’s most famous museums in one place. These include the BODE Museum and the legendary Pergamon Museum.


DDR Museum

Experience the “German Democratic Republic” as if you were right in the middle of it!


German Spy Museum

One of the coolest interactive museums I’ve ever been to. Here you can experience the history of espionage in great detail.


Illuseum Berlin

Are you ready to put your senses to the test? Good. Because this is no ordinary museum.

P61 Gallery

The concept gallery, the mirror of Berlin Expressionism.


Urban Nation

In the middle of urban Schöneberg, one of the magnificent building facades is completely different from its neighbours. With its eye-catching street art, it invites you to explore the extravagant side of Berlin’s art scene.



An immersive art experience. A light show as if from a parallel universe. Fancy some real Berlin craziness? Let’s do it.


New National Gallery

The Berlin cultural forum for the 20th century. A must-see for anyone who thinks they know anything about art.

Kabarett Show mit Lisa Eckhart


The dirtiest black humour that has ever captured my heart. (German)


“Falling in Love” in Friedrichstradtpalast


A critically acclaimed show of (and I quote) “superlatives”. Sounds quite promising, doesn’t it? Let’s give it a try. (International)


Robin Hood – the Musical


The most beautiful fairy tale, packed into a colourful stage work. An absolute must-watch! (German)


The most beautiful wellness oasis I’ve ever been to. Indoors a Balinese-Buddhist temple oasis with a living room flair, outdoors a dreamlike, exotic sauna landscape. You are either not dressed at all or only dressed in a bathrobe in the entire complex. 


Muschi Obermaier

The name would be translated “Pussy Obermaier” to English. And no, the name is not a joke. It’s as funny as it sounds in there. A very entertaining audience. Usually packed. Music from oldies to newbies, mostly mainstream. In the Oranienburg corner.



One of the most beautiful rooftop bars in Germany. Perfect in summer. Sometimes with live music. To be found in Neukölln.


No club like any other and the best summer location of all time. Here you can enjoy the best electronic music in the whole city in a tropical atmosphere under the sun. Insider tip: Sunday afternoon and into the evening is the best time to party here.


Salon zur Wilden Renate

A former apartment block, creatively remodelled, where you can enjoy electronic music (house, electro, tech, IDM) on three dance floors. Especially nice in summer (from April), when the inner courtyard is finally open again.

KitKat Club

The first and only high-quality techno & dance club where things can get really wild. Between the dance floor and the swimming pool, there are small niches everywhere where naked bodies wriggle around. Young crowd.



Also a mixture of dance club and swingers’ paradise, but with a greater focus on eroticism. The average age of the audience is around mid to late 30s.