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Frankfurt 04/28-04/29  Munich 04/30-05/05
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German Escort InvestmenT



  • Duration Price
    Starters • 1,5 hours € 450
    Liaison • 2 hours € 600
    Seduction • 3 hours € 800
    Candle Light • 4 hours € 1.000
    Time Out • 6 hours € 1.300
    Sweet Escape • 8 hours € 1.600
    Coffee & Kisses • 14 hours, over night € 2.000
    Deep Exploration • 24 hours, over night € 2.500
    Sexual Healing • 36 hours, over 1-2 nights € 3.300
    Romantic Getaway • 48 hours, over 2 nights € 4.000
  • Duration Price
    Starters • 1,5 hours € 650
    Liaison • 2 hours € 900
    Seduction • 3 hours € 1.200
    Candle Light • 4 hours € 1.000
    Time Out • 6 hours € 1.500
    Sweet Escape • 8 hours € 1.800
    Coffee & Kisses • 14 hours, over night € 2.400
    Deep Exploration • 24 hours, over night € 3.000
    Sexual Healing • 36 hours, over 1-2 nights € 3.800
    Romantic Getaway • 48 hours, over 2 nights € 4.600

Night Surcharge

for dates beginning after 11pm

+ 100€

Please be aware that dates with me are only possible with an upfront deposit payment. There are no surcharges for sexual services.

Travel Expense Calculator

Chat & Images

We communicate with each other via messenger (e.g. Whatsapp). This can take place either as part of an intensive chat time or spread out over the day with a virtual girlfriend package. The fee can be paid via Paypal, Bitcoin or voucher.

Online Service
Intensive chatting
Chatting with full focus on each other & a picture of your choice per session. Das Honorar gilt hierbei pro angebrochener halber Stunde.
50€/30 minutes
Virtual Girlfriend Light
Daily Chatting with up to 10 Messages/day
300€/month oder 50€/day
Virtual Girlfriend Classic
Daily Chatting with up to 20 Messages/day
450€/month oder 75€/day
Virtual Girlfriend Premium
Daily Chatting with up to 50 Messages/day
600€/month or 100€/day

Virtual Girlfriend Packages: Instead of 5 messages, you can also request a picture from my repertoire. Instead of 10 messages, I can even send you one of your choice.  😘

Intense Chatting: The fee for intensive chatting is per half hour and can be paid via Paypal or voucher.


We lose ourselves in a little phone romance. Or are you in the mood for something spicy today?

Please note: The fee applies per half hour and can be paid via Paypal, Bitcoin or voucher.

Online Service
Platonic Exchange
Friendly Talk, Non-Sexual
20€/30 min.
Sensual Exchange
Erotic Talk
60€/30 min.

Erotic Stories

Written and recorded with a lot of dedication to raunchiness. The PDF texts each fill 2 A4 pages and 5 minutes of audio recording. I will gladly send them to you via email or messenger. The fee can be paid via Paypal, Bitcoin or voucher.

Online Service
Erotic story just for you (Text & Audio)
written according to your wishes; as PDF and MP3 file

Every man dreams of the perfect ménage à trois. But why just dream? Two is a date, but three is a party!

Couple Dates

An experience like this is a truly wonderful way to rediscover each other and treat yourself to something special. I am honoured that you would consider me for this. ☺️

For couples bookings I charge +20% of the classic fee listed above.

Dates with multiple Escorts

Should you wish to meet with me and another escort, each of us will be paid their individual fee. For my part, there is no surcharge for duos.

Interpersonal chemistry is important. That’s why I prefer it when we bring one of my friends into the frivolous boat. In Berlin I would prefer Maya, in Frankfurt Jana and in Munich Laura (Curvy Escort, 32 years old, dark blonde, pictures only on request). But of course it is not impossible that a duo with your own favourite is also possible, as long as I can get to know her by phone before our date.

Travelling together can be magical – but also the exact opposite. For this reason, I only offer travelling companions to gentlemen who have already met me in person. This excludes one-day domestic trips.

Full Day & Night (24h)
Short Week-End (36h)
Long Week-End (48h)
+ Additional Day (24h)
+ 1.000€
5 Days
7 Days
10 Days
  • Please give me at least 6 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night.
  • Please be kind enough to give me at least 1 hour alone every day to make myself pretty for you.
  • Please enquire about travelling companions or Fly-Me-To-You with me at least 7 days in advance.
  • Couples pay a 20% surcharge.
  • If we have separate rooms and at least 4 hours alone with me, I only charge 75% of my fee. If you do not want any physical intimacy, I will only charge 50% of my donation.


Please note that a deposit of 20% of my fee + travelling expenses is mandatory. You can send it to me via Paypal, bank transfer or Crypto Transfer (BTC, ETH, ADA). Please also note that I can only reserve the desired period once I have received the amount.

You can book me as your alibi girlfriend, as an entertaining friend or as an escort for business events. My core areas for business companionship are design, psychology, IT, music and domestic politics.

If you do not wish for physical intimacy, I only charge 50% of my fee (excluding travelling expenses). This cannot be combined with sensual sessions.

For overnight stays together, the fee reduction for pure accompaniment is linked to separate hotel rooms (preferably next to each other). For trips lasting several days, I would also like to have at least 4 hours a day to myself. Otherwise, the pure accompaniment is similar to the classic escort date. During our time together, I focus on you and our connection to each other.

For travelling companions and Fly-Me-To-You of the pure escort, the following special regulation applies: If you are drawn to more intimacy after some time, my usual fee applies from the beginning of our sensual liaison.

I love kink, I love swingers and I love parties. How lucky that Berlin is the definite place to be if you want to experience something special in these climes. But surrounded by naked writhing bodies and an erotic odeur, there are a few rules to observe – both in the club and between us.

For example, it is not permitted to wear jeans and trainers at most of these events. Instead, see-through fabrics, leather, vinyl and latex are fashionable. We can go on a shopping trip together beforehand or you can visit the Schwarzen Reiter online or in Berlin on your own.

Mobile phones are strictly forbidden in the club itself. In some clubs we only have to cover the cameras, in others you have to hand it in at the cloakroom. In general, discretion is the top priority!

But now to the two of us: When we roam the slippery nights of Berlin together, it is customary for me to devote myself physically to you alone, unless you wish to be more open with other club guests. As long as I am allowed to choose my sexual partners myself, there are no additional costs involved. However, if you would like to have the power of decision, please discuss this with me directly when you make your date enquiry, as I will only consider such a constellation under certain conditions and with a 50% fee surcharge.


A date with me is only possible with a deposit payment of 20% of my fee when meeting in my actual resident city. When meeting outside that area I will ask for a 30% deposit + my travel expenses. Please be aware that the deposit will only be refunded in the rare case that I’d need to cancel the date. 

After your booking request I will reserve the time preliminarily for 24 hours. As soon as your deposit arrived on my end I will reserve the timeframe permanently for you. Otherwise I will free up the preliminarily reserved timeframe after the 24 hours passed by. Therefore I recommend using a real time payment method like Instant Bank Transfer, Paypal, Crypto or Gift Card. 

When transferring a deposit payment or an upfront payment in case you want our arranged rendezvous to be cashless the following payment methods are possible. I please ask you to  use an Instant Payment Method (if possible) and to transfer the amount right after our date arrangement. In case you want to stay undercover you can use Bitcoin or Gift Cards from Amazon, Saks Fifth Avenue, Deutsche Bahn and many more. 

On our date I prefer being payed in cash (Euro). Paying in other currencies might be possible when asking upfront. Please hand over the amount to me at the beginning of our rendezvous in an unsealed envelope, a greeting card or something similar. If you want to pay the differential amount cashless the following will be possible: Bank Transfer (only Real Time) I Paypal I Bitcoin

By asking me to stay with you for longer you are requesting a date extension. I will then tell you whether my schedule allows staying longer spontaneously and ask you to pay the amount in cash or with an instant online payment method. That’s it. 😉

In the case you need to cancel our date please inform me in time. When cancelling in time (min 24h upfront) your deposit can be used for a substitute date in the next 3 months excluding travel and expense costs that already incurred for our rendezvous at that point of time. When cancelling short-term (less than 24h upfront our date) your deposit will be charged as expense allowance. 

I’m a patient person and you have to go to great lengths to put him off. Only in the event of a serious threat to my person will I leave the date without returning the fee. Examples of this would be any attempt at unprotected sexual intercourse, violent behaviour, assault, stalker behaviour, gross motor behaviour that does not improve even after being spoken to and ransacking my possessions aka spying on me. I also reserve the right to leave the location of our date together with the film in the event of secret filming without refunding the fee.